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Coimbatore soft silk sarees- the Story | Soft Silk sarees with price

What are soft silk sarees?

Soft silk sarees evoke visions of lush texture, sublime workmanship and lightweight comfort. Artfully crafted out of degummed mulberry silk in two ply shuttle, soft silks with their ultra soft texture and light weight elegance are an ideal choice for all seasons and occasions. Soft silk sarees are not put through the starching process, just to maintain their cool comforting softness.

Coimbatore as a city is famous for producing soft silks and Mahaveers as a popular brand from coimbatore, we have our own looms producing a variety of soft silk sarees.

How are soft silk sarees different from Kanchipuram silk sarees?

Like kanchipuram pure silk sarees, the soft silk sarees keep going through various style trends from time to time. From traditional to contemporary, and everything in between, soft silk sarees offer lots of choices for considerably low prices than pure silks. For this reason, soft silks are a favourite among  saree connoisseurs across generations!

Soft silks are known for their vibrant colour combinations and stylised designs.

Are soft silk sarees made out of pure silk?

Yes they are made our of pure silk thread. Only the process of degumming makes the saree lightweight and easy flowing. Our soft silk sarees, manufactures by our own looms are lustrous and look almost similar to the Kanchipuram silk sarees. Our designers come up with exclusive designs. We have both contemporary (modern designs) soft silks as well as traditional designs in soft silks.

Soft silks styles - make a style statement!

Traditional soft silks

These sarees gleam with quintessential elegance! Captivating with traditional motifs and classic styles like temple borders and checks, these sarees are truly timeless. Feast your eyes on our traditional beauties.

  • In beautiful magenta pink, this traditional soft silk saree enchants with gold zari paisley buttas and a sleek kaddi zari border with horizontal stripes. This vivacious weave is lent a fabulous complement with the royal blue gold zari brocade pallu with geometric accents.
  • Intricately crafted gold zari floral buttas bloom beautifully on this bottle green soft silk saree with gold zari kaddi border. The vibrant red gold zari brocade pallu adds timeless enamour!

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  • Like an enchanted floral garden, gold and silver zari rose floral jaal sways gracefully in every sway of this wine red soft silk saree! The exquisite traditional paithani inspired kaddi zari border with floral vines adds to the allure. The resplendent gold and silver zari jamewar pallu is a beautiful fine.
  • In classy off white, this soft silk saree is abloom with gold and silver zari floral buttas. The red temple zari border with floral jaal accentuates the exquisite perfection of the weave. The opulent red gold zari brocade pallu is a fabulous finish.

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Contemporary soft silk sarees  

Beautifully combining elegance and sophistication, our contemporary soft silk sarees captivate with delightful colour combinations, stylised motifs and subtle zari work. Check out our chic weaves.

  • Chic and trendy, this blue soft silk saree gleams with aesthetically crafted jaal. The mesmerising hue of the weave and the zari jaal are in perfect tandem! The beautiful striped self zari border and pallu with floral vines lend an elegant edge.

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  • Beautifully combining traditional and contemporary styles, this sea green soft silk saree is unique! While beautiful digital printed florals are abloom along the body, the purple and blue dual hued jacquard border with floral series and floral vines. The resplendent purple zari floral brocade pallu adds a touch of class

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  • Unique and beautiful just like you are, this multihued soft silk saree charms with checks and gold zari floral buttas. The suave elegance of the weave is lent a vibrant twist with the dark pink jacquard border with Intricately crafted accents. The magnificent dark pink zari brocade pallu completes this ensemble!
  • Be the cynosure of all eyes, this yellow soft silk saree with artistic jaal all over. The radiant weave is lent a mystical twist with the grey border and pallu with zari polka dots.


    Borderless sarees 

    A beautiful choice for work and formal occasions, our borderless sarees are one of a kind! In eye catching colour combinations and rich pallu, each saree is sure to appeal to your aesthetic side. Here are our few borderless classics! 

    • Suave and perfect as a workwear, this steel grey soft silk sarees charms with sleek blue vertical stripes! The grey striped pallu is a beautiful complement.
    • In a classy confluence of pink and yellow, this soft silk saree exudes absolute grace in every rustle. The vivacious weave is lent a radiant edge with the yellow striped pallu.
    • Mesmerising in soft sea green hue, this soft silk saree gleams with vertical floral accents. This exquisite charm of the weave is accentuated with a sea green zari pallu with floral buttas and petite polka dots.
    • Like glittering waves dancing on the serene sea, gold and silver zari polka dots shimmer and shine in every rustle of this Indigo blue soft silk saree. The self pallu complements beautifully.

    Checked sarees 

    Checked sarees have a way of captivating hearts with their sublime elegance! In monotone or multicolour, these weaves exude a charismatic artistry. Check out a few of our checked charmers. 

    • In classic multihued checked saree enchants with artistic zari buttas. The sleek zari border, and the vibrant red zari floral brocade pallu accentuate the classy charm of the weave.
    • Spelling vibrance in every sway, this red soft silk saree enchants with gold zari windowpane checks. The traditional zari border with zigzags and kaddi zari adds to the allure. The magnificent gold zari brocade pallu is a beautiful complement.
    • Nothing spells timeless enchantment like this beautiful orange and dandelion yellow checked dupion soft silk saree. The pink zari brocade pallu with orange florals lends a perfect finish.
    • Spelling suave sophistication, this monochromatic soft silk saree is a fabulous workwear choice! In beautiful white with black windowpane checks and Intricately crafted paisley buttas. The sleek zari border, and the resplendent black zari brocade pallu lend an elegant complement

    At Mahaveers, we love sarees with a passion! Crafted in our looms under the skillful hands of our team of master artisans, our soft silks are one of a kind and surefire heart stealers!