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5 Decades Of Expert Craftsmanship

Welcome To Mahaveers

50 Years Of Enriching Your Special Moments As The Preferred Destination For Exquisite Bridal Kanchivarams!

Our beautiful silks recite timeless tales of heritage and regalia. Traditional or contemporary, whatever the taste, our bridal silk sarees are meticulously crafted to enhance the radiance of the bride!

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Kanchivaram Collections

Between 10,000 - 20,000

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Mahaveers - A One Stop Destination To Buy Silk Sarees Online

Curating gracious silk sarees is an art. And we are the finest artists in accomplishing the most authentic silk sarees. With a legacy of five decades, we curate elegant silk sarees through intricate craftsmanship subdued in natural poise and grace. Your nine yards are enriched with contemporary designs that reflect the gorgeous you when handcrafted from the richest weavers of Coimbatore. Since 1971, Mahaveers stands as a symbol of grace and elegance in silk sarees pioneering traditional designs in the city of Coimbatore. Our unique soft silk designs are widely popular across South India. Redefining the way you drape yourself in a saree, Mahaveers is your one-stop-destination for exclusive silk sarees empowering you with a sophisticated look. Our sarees are styled in genuine zari work reflecting exclusivity in design and spectacular weaving mastery. Are you a saree connoisseur? Love draping yourself in traditional silk designs? Buy silk sarees online only from Mahaveers - The Silk People.

Kanchipuram Saree Collections:

Kanchipuram popularly known as Kanchivaram sarees dates its origin back to 400 years ago in a small town of Kanchipuram. The grandeur and history embedded in Kanchivaram silk designs speak about the uniqueness of South India. Woven with the richest of mulberry silk, Mahaveers are the exquisite curators of opulent Kanchivaram sarees handcrafted in different patterns. Offering a plethora of elegant designs, buy Kanchivaram silk sarees online from The Silk People of Coimbatore.

Banarasi Saree Collections:

An ancient city known for its heritage, Banarasi silk sarees are the purest creation of traditional design from the magnificent Varanasi. Our passion for weaving Banarasi sarees is known for ethnic designs embellished with silver and gold zari work in each yard that empowers the beautiful you. Specially curated with intricate craftsmanship, our Banarasi silk sarees are note-worthy. Discover the tradition of Banaras in every saree we specially curate. Buy rich Banarasi silk sarees online from The Silk People of Coimbatore!

Tussar Saree Collections:

Rich in natural texture, Tussar is akin to a natural treasure that is passed as a rich heirloom for centuries. A stunning Tussar silk saree is every woman's prized possession. At Mahaveers, we curate the richest Tussar silk sarees with an inherent sheen, texture, and alluring range of natural colors to make your moments special. We are renowned for exclusive Tussar saree designs that denote the 4000-year-old yarn in each weave texture. To get drapped in the most elegant way, buy Tussar silk sarees online from the finest weavers of South India.

Soft Silk Saree Collections:

Contemporary soft silk sarees are our rich expertise. With the legacy of curating five decades of excellent craftsmanship, we design the most magnificent soft silk sarees which when draped gives an exclusive feeling of richness and grace. Being the epitome of comfort, our designs are light-weight and contemporary yet lustrous in the fine fabric. Grace sheer elegance in every occasion with Mahaveer's renowned soft silk sarees. Buy soft silk sarees online only from The house of Silk People!

Special Weave Collections:

Our special weaves collections are truly heirlooms in their own right designed for all generations. The house of Silk People has a rich legacy of curating special silk sarees since the year 1971. Our designs are traditionally curated in various collections like Bandhej, Patola, Ikkat, Paithani, and Kota. Look amazingly beautiful in our finest collections and shine in every design you choose.Buy special weaves sarees online that embody our finesse in every yard only from The house of Silk People.

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