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      Pure Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

      Kanchipuram silk sarees sing symphonies about the artistic excellence and intricate workmanship of the traditional weavers from the temple city of Kanchipuram.

      The term 'Kanchipuram Silk' evokes visions of opulence and musical rustles!  An exquisite part of your special moments, Kanchipuram pattu Sarees, from the temple town of Kanchipuram, stand ode to the irrepressible spirit of India and its rich heritage. It is believed that traditional artisans of kanchipuram are the descendants of Sage Markanda, the master weave for gods.

      Each silk saree is a work of art as their hands and hearts work in perfect tandem! It is no wonder that kanchipuram silks are an evergreen favourite across generations.

      From small border sarees that emit subtle elegance, bridal silks that exude timeless regalia to trendy silver zari pastels that captivate with chic sophistication, Kanjivaram silk sarees are an integral part of our lives.

       Mahaveers - Weaving magic into your lives through our Kanjivarams since 1971

      Our Kanjivaram sarees are crafted in our own looms. This helps us bring one of a kind weaves to compliment your charm.

      Our pattu sarees are crafted out of pure mulberry silk. Now you know the secret behind the luxurious texture and luminous sheen of your dream weave! Lustrous zari that adds a classy touch of opulence to silk sarees, are sourced from Gujarat.

      The weaving process is done on 3 shuttle looms. The body, border and pallu are woven separately, and joined together with precision through a technique called Korvai. This is the reason for those eye catching colour combinations we all adore!

      The artisans craft traditional bird/floral buttas, closely packed brocade or intricate jaal to further enrich the charm.

       Types of Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

       Mahaveers specialises in curating exquisite and exclusive collections of pure silk sarees.

       Traditional Silk Sarees - Timeless designs that transcend generations! You can find all your evergreen favourites in our classic collection, be it temple borders, butta sarees, korvai, small borders, borderless plain sarees and paalum pazhamum kattams.

       Bridal Silk Sarees - We are not exaggerating when we say that the luminance of our bridal silk sarees perfectly match the eye-catching radiance of the bride! These charmers enrich your special moments in every rustle.

       Occasion Wear Sarees - Muted or extravagant, whatever the occasion be, our occasion wear sarees are all set to make you exude exquisite regalia.

       Kanchi Tissue Sarees - In a magnificent medley of silk and tissue, Kanchi tissue sarees are the evergreen favourites for bridal and festive moments.

       Kanchi Jacquard Sarees - Sarees with  Intricately crafted  design overlays, either with self or contrast colour threads. Truly dramatic!

       Kanchi Brocade/Jaal Sarees - artistic weaves with tightly packed Intricate patterns interlaced with lustrous zari. From magical Vanasingaram that takes you on a stroll through an imaginary forest to classic floral vines pattern, each saree speaks to your heart in its own way.

       Half and Half/Partly Pallu Sarees - combining 2 beautiful hues or designs, half and half sarees are a perfect medley of traditional elegance and trendy chic.

       Pastel sarees - Gorgeous sarees in dreamy pastel hues! They exude a sublime glow.

       Silver zari sarees - Classy Kanchi silk sarees with silver zari.. exquisite perfection!


       Silk sarees, crafted out of premium mulberry silk and zari, command a premium price. That said, Mahaveers has classy silk sarees starting at an affordable range.

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       Feast your eyes and lose your heart on our vibrant silk collections!