Who we are

Mahaveers Sarees Pvt Ltd operates and owns Mahaveers.com. We are an e-commerce platform offering a wide range of sarees. This privacy policy applies to the products/services offered by Mahaveers. From hereon,

'We'/'Our' refers to Mahaveers Sarees Pvt Ltd, ‘you'/'your' refers to people who visit/access our website.

Information we gather

Most information we are privy to, is specifically shared with us by our customers. It might be for the purpose of gathering information about our products/services or intending to purchase from our e-commerce platform. We use session ID cookies to make it easier for the users to navigate through the website. These cookies expire in case of 30 minutes of inactivity or by the time the user closes the browser, whichever is shorter.

In the case of purchase from our store, as part of the selling process, we gather your personal information like name, address, phone number and email ID. In case you share any personal information while placing/returning an order, to

Complete the transaction

  1. Verify your credit card
  2. Arrange for delivery
  3. Process returns

It is implied that you are consenting to us collecting or using it for the reason specified.

If we are collecting information to send you our promotions/sales emails/updates, your consent will be sought. You are under no obligation, and can cancel the consent at any time.

No information is gathered or stored without the consent of the visitors to the website.

How do we use the information we gather?

We solely use the information we have gathered to contact you or to extend the services you seek.

We guarantee that your personal information will not be shared with or sold to third parties for the purposes of marketing or other related services.

People who get access to your information

Your personal information is accessible only to the staff of Mahaveers, who are directly responsible for carrying out the services requested by you.

We may disclose personal information, if required so by law/enforcement officers

The security measures we have in place, to protect your personal information

We only give access to your information to our staff. This is imperative as they are responsible to carry out the services requested by our customers. Your personal data is safeguarded by our state of the art computer system, that requires username and password to get access. Access is granted only for the purpose of providing the service requested by you. Your payment data is stored only as long as it is required to complete the service requested.

Our use of cookies in our website

We use cookies, which are small digital files that are stored in your browser, when you visit our website. This is just to track your return visits to our website. In the event of you having browser settings that allows you to block these cookies, we might not be able to give you a personalised experience on your return visits to our website. We recommend you to enable cookies in your browser.

Changes to the privacy policy

We reserve the right to modify the privacy policy at any time. The changes will take effect immediately. We request you to review our privacy policy page frequently.