Mahaveers.. the beautiful world of resplendent silks and masterpieces!

An iconic part of Coimbatore, Mahaveers epitomises grace, elegance and quality! Our multi-storey showroom stands proof to the adage ' Wonderful epics start with humble beginnings.'

Mahaveers started spreading its wings in 1971, under the able guidance of Shri Balchand Bothra. At that time period, we were the only retailer in South India to have an extensive collection of sarees sourced from the various regions of India.

While most retailers only offered standard wares, we started customising sarees for our clients. We focussed on providing clients with sarees they can cherish for life and pass on as heirlooms, and started treating saree selection and customisation as a fine art form. It was made possible with a dynamic network of manufacturers and weavers across the Indian heartlands.

Very soon, the exclusivity of our collections, quality standards, customisation on request and client focussed services made us a household name for bridal sarees, and a preferred shopping destination for people in and around Coimbatore.

From a small 500 square foot shop to a large showroom with 4 floors and 175 employees, we have come a long way! Our dedication and the dynamic network of vendors made this possible.

As our operations expanded, so did our commitment! Apart from traditional designs, we started coming up with innovative designs to suit contemporary tastes. We went on to set up our own looms. This gave us the opportunity to enrich and empower weavers with state of the art technology and artistic ideas.

Our mission is to provide the best products in terms of quality and selection, and earn the trust and loyalty of our clients. Our vision is to enhance the reach of our brand, and expand our operations to cover more regions in the south.

Our collection of sarees recite tales of heritage and culture. We also supply to top retailers around the country.

Awards and recognition

We have been honoured with many awards over the years including,
.National Excellence Awards from National Organisation of commerce and industry in 1995
. Brands of Coimbatore 2016 Award from Coimbatore Management Association

Our clients, our inspiration!

Our strength lies in the confidence our clients place on us. Our relationship with our clients transcends generations and regions. We have many clients who visit Coimbatore, just to shop with us. We also have generations of the same family choosing us for their wedding shopping. The trust they place on us to enrich their special moments, gives us the encouragement to keep excelling.
Mahaveers aims to be the one stop shop for all your clothing requirements!