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Soft Silk Sarees from Mahaveers, Coimbatore

Soft silk sarees epitomise sublime elegance with their luxurious softness and lush texture. Crafted out of pure mulberry silk, these lightweight weaves are as regal and magnificent as classic pure silk sarees, but without the associated heaviness. Captivating with vibrant hues, artistic motifs and lustrous zari, soft silk sarees are comfortable to drape and carry. This versatile weave is perfect for casual, festive and formal occasions!

 Soft silk sarees Vs Silk sarees

 When you notice the pricing different between soft silk sarees and pure silk sarees, it is quite natural to wonder if soft silks are actually 'silk'

 Let's put your mind at ease!

 Soft silks are made from pure mulberry silk, similar to pure silk sarees. The only difference is the 'degumming/silk scouring'  process.

 Degumming/Silk scouring is the process of removing the sericin - the substance produced by silkworms to hold the strands of silk together. Removing sericin helps in improving the lustre and texture of the silk fibres. Degumming also helps to reduce the impurities and weight of the fibres. Now you know the secret behind the lightweight charm of soft silk sarees!

 To maintain the softness and pliability factor, most soft silk sarees are bedecked with less zari.

 Types of soft silk sarees

 Our gorgeous soft silk saree collection reflects a beautiful amalgamation of traditional charm and contemporary chic. We have something for every taste. Our lightweight and lustrous soft silks can be styled into trendy salwars and lehengas too. Our best sellers are,

 Simply traditional - soft silks with classic pure silk saree patterns and designs.

 Temple border sarees - soft silk sarees with the signature temple border! Timeless and classic!

 Brocade sarees - Soft silks with artistically crafted floral/ buttas brocade. Festive and delightfully opulent.

 Checked sarees - Both quintessential and contemporary in one go, soft silk sarees with monotone and multihued checked design has a fan base that transcends generations!

 Butta sarees - Our artisans love crafting artistic buttas to accentuate the sublime charm of classy soft silks! From simple florals to trendy geometric patterns, each saree is a pure work of art.

 Contrast sarees - Soft silks with unique colour combinations...delightful and vivacious!

 Mahaveers soft silks

 At Mahaveers, we love sarees with a heartfelt passion! We have an in-house unit with master artisans from different regions of India. We strive to bring you one of a kind soft silks that recite tales of grace and style in every rustle. Quality, intricate workmanship and dedication are our core principles. Our master artisans are busy crafting more dream weaves, while you are reading this!


 Soft silks are easy on your purse strings! The usual price range is between Rs 9000 to 20,000.

Between 7,000 - 9,000

Between 9,000 - 11,000

Between 11,000 - 13,000

Between 13,000 - 15,000

Over 15,000

Feast your eyes on our vibrant range of soft silks! They are all set to enrich your special moments.