Bridal Silk sarees speak with their elegant rustles and captivate hearts with their regal beauty! Majestic and exquisite, these masterpieces are crafted with precision and artistic excellence to make the bride exude an unmatched regal glow.

From pure zari Bridal Kanchipuram silk sarees, Bridal Banarasi silk sarees, ornate soft silk sarees, light weight sarees  and handloom pattu sarees, our wedding silk sarees collection is all set to complement the enamoring radiance and happiness of the bride perfectly.

At Mahaveers, bridal silk sarees are closer to our hearts! We are the happiest when we see brides walk in with dreams in their eyes. For this reason alone, since 1971, we have always treated Muhurtham saree curation as a pure art form.

We have a passionate team of designers and weavers who work together in perfect harmony! From paper to looms, the designs come to life under the loving hand and soulful eyes of our master artisans.

We strive to present you one of the kind muhurtham sarees with vivid hues, ornate and intricate motifs/brocade and spellbinding zari work. To keep up with the times, we have brought our store online! This way, we get the chance to serve you even if we are situated miles apart.

Our Bridal Silk Saree collection

Kanchi silk muhurtham sarees 

Native to Kanchipuram, our magnificent pure silk muhurtham sarees are crafted out of lush mulberry silk and pure zari.  Exuding a spellbinding opulence, kanchipuram silk sarees captivate with beautiful colour combinations, artistic motifs and rich zari workmanship.

Believed to be woven by descendants of Sage Markanda, the master weaver for gods, it isn't surprising that Kanchi silk sarees are the classic choice to enrich the muhurtham moments.

Our muhurtham silk saree collection is truly an art in colours. Thanks to korvai technique, pure pattu sarees gleam with eye catching colour combinations. Our bridal tissue silk sarees are a true treat to the eyes. While vibrant hues are preferred by most brides, we are noticing that more and more brides are preferring pastel shade sarees with silver zari. Traditional or contemporary, whatever your taste, you will find your dream bridal weave in our shelves.

Check out a few of our beautiful kanchipural Bridal silk sarees.

Irresistible pastel kanchipuram silk saree shimmers with intricately crafted  silver zari motifs. The pleasant weave is lent a chic complement with the border. The resplendent pallu adds timeless enchantment.

Spelling vibrance and regalia in every fold, kanchipuram handloom silk saree gleams with artistic  buttas. The vibrant weave is lent a captivating complement with zari border. The pallu complements beautifully.

Banarasi Bridal Silk collection

Native to Varanasi, banarasi silk sarees are an evergreen favourite among brides and saree connoisseurs! Revered for their artistic workmanship and vibrant colours, banarasi silk sarees exude a regal glow in every sway. They are the perfect muhurtham wear choice!

A red banarasi saree is a classic wedding choice for many brides. The vibrance of red, the gleam of the intricate zari brocade and a lush texture come together dramatically to accentuate the regal glow to the bride.

Hand crafted with pure mulberry silk and gold and silver threads, banarasi silk sarees do not lose their sheen or colour even after years. For this reason, they are considered as heirlooms and passed down generation to generation. Truly timeless!

Lose your heart on our Banarasi Bridal Silk saree collection.


Soft silk Bridal Silk sarees

Soft silks are fast getting into the muhurtham saree race due to their trendy designs and light weight comfort! Crafted out of degummed mulberry silk, soft silk sarees captivate with beautiful colours, ornate zari work and luxurious texture.

As they are easy to drape, comfortable to carry, and exude an opulent glow,  many contemporary brides are opting for soft silks as an ideal choice for themselves and their bridesmaids.

At Mahaveers, we specialise in soft silk sarees! Woven in our looms under the able hands of our master craftsman, our one of a kind soft silk sarees are all set to brighten your special day!

Check out some of our soft silk charmers!

Reciting tales from the regal era, this purple soft silk saree enchants with petite gold and silver zari floral and leaf buttas. The vivacious weave is lent a radiant edge with the plain orange zari border. The rich orange gold zari brocade pallu adds timeless appeal to the weave.


We love being a part of your wedding celebrations! If you don’t find your dream weave in our collection, talk to us! We would love to customise your saree exactly the way you want it to be!

August 17, 2021 — Mahaveers The Silk People