Pure silk sarees are beautiful reminders of the era where heritage and culture ruled the roost! It takes our senses on a beautiful stroll through the doorsteps of traditional weavers who sit working on their craft on handlooms. With every flashing hand movement, you can almost see the dreams fluttering and rising to soar from their hearts.

When it comes to kanchipuram silks, each saree is a treat to your eyes. From borderless silk sarees to long border sarees, and everything in between, there is a unique saree style for every taste. In this blog, let's explore the types of silk sarees that are a must have in your prized saree stash!

7 silk saree styles that are the heartthrobs of saree connoisseurs across generations!

Self border kanchi silk sarees

Self border kanchi silk sarees showcase one hue in all its glory. These sarees are revered for their vibrant colours, artistic motifs and spellbinding zari work.

In majestic rani pink, this kanchipuram silk saree appeals with closely set polka dot buttas. The delightful elegance of the weave is accentuated with a unique self floral jaal zari border. The self checked pallu complements beautifully. 

Korvai silk sarees

Korvai silk sarees are a vibrant artform! With aesthetically pleasing colour combinations and stylised motifs/brocade, korvai silk sarees stand proof to the artistic finesse of traditional artisans.

The enamoring hues of flamingo pink and purple come together beautifully on this kanchipuram silk saree abloom with an aesthetically crafted floral jaal. While the korvai purple border adds sublime charm, the resplendent purple zari border with florals and geometric brocade lends a beautiful complement.

Long border sarees

The regal aura of a silk saree rests on the border for a larger extent. Long border sarees are effortlessly stylish with a timeless appeal. They are an integral part of the bridal trousseau of an Indian bride.

Beautifully unique just like you are, this gorgeous wine pink kanchipuram silk saree shimmers with gold zari paisleys. The vibrant weave is lent a resplendent enchantment with a delightfully long sky blue brocade border. The rich blue zari pallu accentuates the prettiness multifold. 

Tissue silk sarees

Dramatically combining the lushness of silk with spellbinding enchantment of tissue, tissue silk sarees dazzle with intricate artistry and are perfect to enrich all your festive moments.

Enwrapping you in a halo of enchantment, this gold kanchipuram tissue silk saree twinkles merrily with Intricately crafted floral zari jaal. The rust hued traditional zari border, and the self tissue zari pallu enhance the timeless enamour of this weave. 

Borderless silk sarees

Shimmering with suave sophistication, borderless silk sarees are timeless and classy in equal measures. As they have a subtle elegance about them, they are perfect for office wear.

In an exquisite confluence of pink and orange temple motifs, this borderless kanchipuram silk saree is a breathtaking masterpiece. The resplendent pink zari brocade pallu adds a touch of regalia to this festive weave.

Checked silk saree

Gloriously quintessential, checked silk sarees have a way of captivating hearts and nestle them amidst the sleek checks. Some checked sarees also gleam with intricately crafted zari buttas for extra oomph.

This handloom kanchipuram checked silk saree appeals in a spellbinding confluence of mystical black and vibrant red. The korvai red zari border with sleek gold zari strips, and the resplendent red gold zari brocade pallu enhance the timeless enamour of this charmer.

Silver zari silk sarees

Appealing with an ethereal glow, silver zari silk sarees are the fabulous new entrants to the silk saree realm. Though silver zari on vibrant silk sarees are beautiful, silver zari on pastel sarees are mesmerising.

Dazzling with exquisite artistry, this pastel pink kanchipuram silk saree with silver zari floral jaal is perfection personified. This delightful weave is enriched with a grey silver zari floral border with paisleys, and the rich grey silver zari pallu.

Our silk sarees are all set to enhance your radiance, complement your persona, and enrich all your special moments in life.

August 07, 2021 — Mahaveers The Silk People

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