.Pure silk sarees

Pure silk sarees have a way of captivating hearts with their vivid colours and luxurious elegance. From time immemorial, silk sarees have been an integral part of festivities and celebrations. Not many can resist these 6 yard wonders!

Crafted out of pure mulberry silk, pure silk sarees are usually handwoven by traditional artisans who adore their craft and are passionate about making every saree gleam with regalia and artistic workmanship. Luxurious among the silks are the Kanchipuram Silk Sarees from the South and Banarasi Silk Sarees from the North of India.

Pure silk sarees have an unmatched lush texture with an incredible sheen. Unfortunately, with the advent of an array of synthetic fibres, it has become so easy to replicate the look of pure silk sarees.

As these fake silk sarees are easy on the pockets, they attract considerable  interest. This demand has led to a large influx of fake silks in the market.

Unfair on the hardworking weavers and true saree connoisseurs, fake silk sarees are here to stay and almost impossible to distinguish from the genuine silks going by outward appearance.

Shopping for pure silk sarees - buyer beware!

The Silken drapes are masterpieces commanding a fan base that transcends generations! With fake silks flooding the market, buyers should be extra careful in making purchase decisions.

Visit reputed stores in person and feel the silk before purchasing. Artificial silks may have a great sheen, but won't have a luxuriously soft texture as pure silks.

If you are planning to purchase pure silks online, always purchase after checking the reputation, testimonials and reviews of the store. This has saved many from purchasing cheap replicas.

Ask suggestions from your friends and family. This a surefire way to choose reputed stores with good customer service.

Check for ‘silk mark’ label given by the Silk Board of India. This is given only for authentic pure silk sarees from Kanchipuram.

Means to identify pure silk sarees

We understand that it is not always possible to purchase sarees from renown saree outlets. In this case, is it possible to get an assured guarantee about the pureness of the silk saree?

The good news is that it is possible to identify pure silk sarees with few indicators!

The zari

Pure silk sarees are crafted with genuine silver zari from Surat. Red silk threads are twisted with the fine silver zari,  dipped in gold liquid, and used while weaving.

So the easy way to check the genuinity of a saree is to look for loose ends and pull a zari out. If the underlying silk thread is white or some other colour, it is a proof that the zari is not pure. Testing this way might not always work, as con artisans might use red threads for fake silks too!

For this reason, we recommend that you check for the 'silk mark' label.

If you still have doubts, you can approach the government approved zari testing facility at Kanchipuram. They will confirm the genuinity of your saree for a nominal fee.

Price factor

Pure silk sarees command a premium price tag as they are woven out of mulberry silk and pure zari.

On the other hand, the silk sarees woven out of artificial fibres are priced low to attract more sales.

The burn test

Pick a few threads from the saree and light fire at the ends. If the silk threads are genuine, the burnt threads will leave behind an unpleasant smell and ash.

If there is no ash nor unpleasant smell, it is a fake silk saree.

Mahaveers - Quality guaranteed!

At Mahaveers, we understand that pure silk sarees are considered a work of art and an investment by many!

Crafted in our own looms, our pure silk saree collection is unique and beautiful. We are the go to destination for bridal sarees for a reason! Our master artisans strive to bring you the best weaves to complement your special moments.

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