Kanchipuram Korvai silk sarees are a beautiful part of our festive and special moments! Kanchi sarees are believed to be woven by the descendants of Markanda, the master weaver for gods. The sheer beauty of pure silk sarees are irresistible.

Native to Kanchipuram, pure silk sarees are handcrafted on traditional looms, using pure mulberry silk from Bangalore and zari from Surat.

The iconic part of their beauty lies in their attractive colour combinations and contrasts.

Korvai technique - The contrast border rich silk sarees

There are 3 elegant parts that come together in perfect tandem to create a magnificent six yard saree.

Body - the centerpiece of the saree that gleams with eye catching buttas/jaal/brocade.

Border - the eye-catching part that has a beautiful play of colours and zari motifs/brocade

Pallu - the opulent highlight that enchants with exquisite zari brocade and motifs

You might know all this! But, have you ever wondered how these three parts merge into a saree that showcases a beautiful medley of colours?

This is where the intricate technique of korvai comes in. Thanks to this heritage rich technique, Kanchi silk sarees captivate with delightful and vivacious colour combinations!

The body and border are woven separately, and interlocked artfully with the korvai technique. Labour intensive and intricate, this process requires 2 weavers to work simultaneously on 3 shuttle looms. The pallu is then attached using the pitni technique!

The korvai technique commands reverence as the interlocking is done with perfect precision to seamlessly merge the body and border. There are no loose threads or missed joints.

From interlocked straight lines, sharp edged triangles and temple pattern, the korvai design gleams with multifaceted styles!

Lose your heart on our spellbinding korvai silks!

Korvai technique helps weavers combine strikingly pretty and contrasting colours together. This brings out their artistic best!

  • As you are a gorgeous medley of vibrance and mystique, our artisans have beautifully crafted this kanchipuram silk saree by combining multihued udal with floral and geometric brocade and a korvai dark navy blue border with Intricately crafted zari buttas. The navy blue pallu with zari floral buttas and peacock brocade lends a perfect complement.
  • In a classic confluence of pink and green, this kanchipuram silk saree gleams with aesthetically crafted floral jaal. While the korvai green zari border with floral brocade adds a touch of timeless appeal, the green zari brocade pallu completes this ensemble.
  • Vivacious pink and suave grey come together dramatically on this kanchipuram silk saree! While artistic zari floral jaal shimmers and shines in every sway of the pink udal, exquisite floral jaal is abloom along the korvai grey silver zari border. The magnificent grey silver zari pallu complements beautifully.
  • Beautifully trendy and chic, this pink kanchipuram silk saree twinkles merrily with stylised zari floral brocade. The elegance of the weave is given a vivacious twist with the korvai purple zari border with floral and geometric series. The resplendent purple zari brocade pallu is a fabulous finish.
  • In exquisite purple, kanchipuram silk saree gleams with zari floral brocade. The delightfully large korvai rani pink zari brocade border with peacocks and floral vine series accentuates the exquisite regalia of the weave. The rich rani pink zari brocade pallu adds timeless appeal!

Korvai pure silk sarees are exquisitely crafted to enrich wedding moments. As korvai interlocks 2 vibrant parts of a saree, a wedding interlocks 2 hearts and families in a harmonious union.  

We have a treasure trove of korvai kanchis decorating our shelves, just for you to shop to your heart's content!
    April 30, 2021 — Mahaveers The Silk People

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