Silk sarees have the knack of captivating hearts and eyes with their vivid hues and intricate artistry. Reciting tales about the magic of nature, silk sarees are crafted out of pure silk threads extracted from silkworms feeding on mulberry trees. Handwoven with passion and love by traditional artisans, silk sarees are treasured as heirlooms and passed on from generation to generation.

Silk sarees never go out of style as there is something quintessentially magical about these charmers. Revered by saree connoisseurs across the globe, silk sarees are perfect for all worthwhile moments in life.

Silk sarees require meticulous maintenance to ensure that they stay flawless and bright for years to come. From traditional silk sarees, bridal silk sarees, long border silk sarees, to borderless silk sarees, pure silk sarees are a firm favourite among saree connoisseurs across generations.

Tips to maintain silk sarees

  1. Silk sarees are delicate and have an unmatched sheen. Avoid using harsh detergents to wash. It is recommended not to use soap for initial 3 washes.
  2. Wash the body, border, and pallu separately.
  3. Do not brush clean the saree
  4. Avoid crushing and wringing the saree during the washing process. Drip dry the saree away from direct sunlight.
  5. Iron on medium heat or spread a towel on top of the saree during ironing. Steam iron is recommended.
  6. It is ideal to dry clean stained silk sarees immediately.
  7. Unfold and change the fold of the silk sarees from time to time. This will help avoid tears and damage along the creases.
  8. Store your silk sarees by wrapping them in soft muslin clothes or fabric saree bags.
  9. Shampoo wash is recommended for soft stain removal and conditioning.
  10. For sarees with embroidery, sequin, zari work, it is better to leave them in the inner folds while storing.

Re-styling used silk sarees

Silk sarees are versatile. Once you think you have adorned your favourite saree to your heart's content, they can be styled into salwars, frocks, mom & baby twinning ensembles, or into traditional half sarees for yourself or the princess in your life!

In case of korvai sarees, even if the saree is frayed due to regular use, the borders do not lose their sheen or durability. They can be cut out and used for styling salwars or frocks.

Some reputed silk saree sellers also pay good money for the pure zari in old silk sarees.

Silk sarees give us life-long happiness with their auspicious glow. Follow our simple tips to get the best out of your silk sarees!
July 26, 2021 — Mahaveers The Silk People

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